How Many Fires

by Sarah Hiltz

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Recorded between May 10th and June 7th 2009 at Eyrespace Studios.


released July 31, 2009

Music by Sarah Hiltz
Lyrics by Sarah Hiltz
except Strong As Death by Sarah Hiltz and Jordan Michaelis
Wind and Iron Collide by Amber Chudy.

Franklin Fitz--Vocals
Byron Harrett--Flute, Saxophone
Leanne Hessel--Cello
Bob Hiltz--Bass, Organ
Sarah Hiltz--Vocals, Guitar, Kalimba, Keyboards, Percussion
Jeff Johnson--Drums
Graham Kivell--Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Jordan Michaelis--Drums, Percussion, Bowls, Vocals
Linz Ross--Vocals
Dan Stronks--Banjo
Tim Tanner--Drums
Andy Tattersall--Guitar

Strings on Homesick and Ultimate Inadequacy arranged by Sarah Hiltz.
Horns on Thank You Mr. Yorke arranged by Byron Harrett.

Produced by Sarah Hiltz
Engineered by Bob Hiltz
Assisted by Sarah Hiltz
Mixed and mastered by Bob Hiltz
Photography by Tim Cooper


all rights reserved



Sarah Hiltz


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Track Name: Strong As Death
On a day as dark as night
When I faced trouble all alone
Before that day was through
I could not stand up on my own

Poised to surrender
Submit to the foe
When you appeared in time
To hand me grace and hope

The snow will come
That we might miss the rain
The moon sings patience
To pass through our shadows

The secret of words
Preserved in a look
Is where I found
A love as strong as death
Track Name: Thank You Mr. Yorke
Wake to see the sun
I’m on my way
Cycle begun
I’ll have to pay

I burn to sleep
Where I dream
I’m on my feet
Where I sing

It’s that sullen feeling
Haunts me for your sake
Placed right it’s in everything that I do
But I do not give
Place to you

Could you break me out
Let me try hard
To gain some ground
Is it far

Til I see your face
I dread the look
But thank god for grace
Please say I’m good


Could you break me out
Let me try hard
To gain some ground
Is it far

Track Name: Homesick
I’ve got six weeks to go
Six weeks til I’m home
Six bags to pack
Six Q’s on my phone
There’s still six days until September
And then five weeks more
To say good bye to six reasons
I stayed on these last four

Three instruments I’m missing
Two guitars that need stringing
And one wish held over
I wanna be home by the sixth of October

I can’t see six feet ahead
I move in inches instead
Can’t think past the bells
Or the noise in my head
Gallo calls and answers loudly
The wolves won’t stay outside
I’ve spent my time in a prison green cell
And I can’t tell if it was worthwhile

I admit by now I’m finding
Should’ve took the road less winding
Caught a plane and headed southeast
A thousand miles didn’t rid me of my worries
Track Name: You'll Fall In Love
Kicking new tires
Spinning old wheels in the sand
List of stock lines
You never let your guard down

You met someone new
Gotta catch up on your sleep
And this time it’s true
Could you finally
Fall in love
You’ll fall in love

You go into hiding
But I’ve got work lined up til the dawn
I need the strong type
I need someone I can count on


How many fires do you want
Or do you have the fuel to burn two
You know I keep three burning
Because we don’t have to play by the rules

Track Name: Amnesia
Guess it’s good bye but we had a good run
I did all that I could to keep you here with me
Guess it’s goodbye to a million and one
Chords I’ve grown to love

Maybe this time I’ll learn to back up
Tunes I don’t think I should live without
Words I write to conquer my self-doubt
Songs I can’t finish now

A page of life ripped out
Thrown away history undone
And things that can’t be said
Reduced to ones and oh’s all gone

All that was lost cannot be regained
There’s only moving on and starting over again
Guess it’s all good if you see it that way
But I’ve always been nostalgic

The real book didn’t turn out to be so real
And a thousand words turned out to be so few
Time with you has lost all it’s appeal
And I don’t know what to do

Track Name: Wind And Iron Collide
Thinking softly in the silence
Warring with my heart
Aching, faking, rearranging
Ending at the start
I can't think of myself
There’s more to us now
They don't understand

Mend these tattered sails and fill them
Wind and iron collide
Nothing moves me, nothing proves me,
I am on your side

Firing, aimless, so abrasive
Lying from your heart
You, who knew me, saw right through me
How we've grown apart

You believe in our love
And yet you hold out
I need to let go


I surrendered all that's in me
I have nothing left
Broken promises surround me
And I can't go back

You who own my heart, sweet lover
Wherefore art you now
I have followed in the silence
But I’m lost somehow
I believed in you so
I’d never let go
You’re pulling me down

Track Name: Ultimate Inadequacy
There are radiant nights
Unexpected joy in the thought of you
But it isn’t enough
It isn’t enough
What you need
I do not have to give away

Ultimate inadequacy
I hate to be
Not enough for
Love to last
For us to live
As we were asked

Are the mysteries solved now
You looked straight into my soul
And what did you fail to find
I’m not saving no one
I can’t create a love
We’re not gonna see
Heaven come to be on earth

Track Name: You Don't Know
I’m standing on guard for all my memories
Someone has come to rob from me
What I bled for

Was it so bad to ask for your help
To honour the good to give due gratitude
To the mother

You don’t know what good is

Legacy don’t come oh so easy
To give it to one who can’t see beauty
Would be failing

Have you ever heard that saying goes like
Don’t cast your pearls before a swine
Well that’s for you

You don’t know what truth is
You don’t keep promises

Honesty isn’t in your vocab
Tell me a lie but tell me you’re leaving
Just leave then

But take this away carry it with you
Remember that what I asked of you was

A task not hard
A charge not small
Request not great
And still a promise not kept
Track Name: Rosita
She sings like a fiend
And there ain’t no in between
I know she’s crazy
But you haven’t seen the work
A day will bring
If you did you’d know

What has she got to give without regret
That’s right, nada
And still you can say how wrong she is today
And yesterday

She sings in the tones of love
She speaks with a voice of love
While working from dawn til dusk
She can’t change what she’s born into
But sings not a song of blues
Can you say the same of you

What have you got to offer to those below
To widen their chances of
Living with more than love
Would you give them the chance to be
Be more than you have been
More than you have been


For better or worse she’s leaving
And though I will miss her smile
A life of her own she’s finding
And she’s getting married

Track Name: Maker Of Desire
Maker of desire
Tell me is this what you meant
When you left me burning
Fire everywhere I went

Left to water
Left to soil
What remains
Is black as coal

At least it keeps me moving
I’d rather burn than turn to stone
But when all that’s left is ashes
Will you want what’s left to own

Left to water
Left to soil
What remains
Is black as coal

If you could not follow
Please remember what I said
I could take you with me
Take you to the end of time

Up above your
Thoughts of self
You are not